Parliament Camp

The cabin in the woods.


Permission was fully granted from the landowner to use, camp and build in the woodland, and to publicise images of the woodland.

Where The Name "Parliament" Came From

The name "Parliament" refers to the rookery of birds that sit in the trees near the camp throughout the day. A rookery of birds is known as a parliament of birds.

Why The Cabin Was Built

Our last camp, Camp Fox, was destroyed by thunderstorms at the beginning of 2022, so we decided to build a log cabin in another secret location.

2024 Goals

Completed βœ…

Outstanding ❌

Tent Camping

Below are some photographs of us camping in a Pomoly tent at Parliament before we had the Cabin Brainwave.

March 2022

The Cabin Project - Timeline

Below are some photographs showing how the cabin has shaped up over the months.

Note that photos were only taken from the point that the extension/2nd part was built. The main part was not documented as we didn't know how far we'd take it.

October 2022

We split up some pallets and screwed them together to create an extension coming from the front, extending the cabin to be 18 foot long.

Extension Walls and Floor

The extension walls are 7 inches thick with insulation inside.

The cabin is 8 foot wide.

November 2022

Extension Roof

December 2023


January 2023

Boarding Up The Walls Inside

2nd Part

Main Part

February 2023


January 2024

Reinforced Roof

23 foot long once we built a double skinned roof.

3 foot of overhang on the front of the cabin and another 2 foot of overhang on the back of the cabin (to store the outdoor furniture under when not in use).

Present Day

The Crapper 🚽 πŸ’©

4 fence panels screwed to a pallet, painted green, with a bucket/toilet thing inside.

4 hours worth of work across 2 days, including building it and painting it.

23rd September 2023

24th September 2023

Miscellaneous Photos

Anker SOLIX F1200

Used for running lighting, TV, voice assistants, kettle, etc.

Bird Table - Back Of Cabin

Bird Table - Back Of Cabin


Bushcraft Chair

Log Store 1

Log Store 2/Storage

Fireplace - Right Side Of Cabin

Fireplace - Right Side Of Cabin

Fireplace - Right Side Of Cabin

Cast Iron Chiminea


Dutch Oven

Stew Cooked In Dutch Oven

Inside The Cabin

Kitchen/Spare Bedroom (1st Door - 2nd Part)

Bedroom/Lounge (2nd Door - Main Part)

Main Part

Main Part

Main Part

2nd Part

2nd Part

2nd Part